Pack/Browns Bus Trip - 8/15/03

"Bus Trip From Hell!"
a timeline of events:

Noon: An eager crowd gathers at the OTP

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2 pm: With smiles all around, Packer and Browns fans board the Bus. Little do they know...

2:15 pm: Loaded, and getting loaded, the Bus departs

2:30 pm: Several people comment on the lack of air conditioning on the Bus

2:50 pm: It has become apparent there is a problem with the air conditioning

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3:20 pm or so: The Bus is now sitting on the side of the road. RJ, our driver, is looking at it

3:30 pm: We throw open the roof hatches so the 95-degree air can blow on us

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3:45 pm: The first rain shower starts. We pull off to close the hatches we just opened

4:00 pm or so: The Bus pulls into the rest area near Mansfield

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4:10 pm: Smoke pours from the air conditioning unit as rubber flies off from the belts

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4:12 pm: Your secretary, Lt. Larry, is searching for something sharp to slice his wrists with

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4:15 pm: RJ cuts the belt off the AC unit. We are underway again with the roof hatches back open

4:30 pm: More rain. We decide to leave the hatches open

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5:10 pm: We stop for ice, but due to the power outage, no ice within 100 miles

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6 pm: Arrive at the stadium lot, park in an industrial area

6:05 pm: Ordered to move the bus to 200 feet

6:10 to 7:20 pm: Cook, eat, meet people

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8 pm: Game time. Pretty good seats, but stadium rather empty

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10:30 pm: Pack wraps up 38-31 win!!

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11 pm: Most folks are back at the bus, line leaving lot is long

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Midnight: Still in lot, insurrection mounting about departure

12:10 am: Finally underway toward home. No air - hatches open

2:35 am: Home - exhausted, weak, hot. But, we're alive!

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