Pack/Vikes Season Opener - 9/7/03

There's tension in the air.

packseasonopen1.jpg (26124 bytes) packseasonopen2.jpg (23724 bytes)

Brenda tries to avoid the photographer.

packseasonopen3.jpg (17703 bytes)

The Browns fans set up their own tailgate...
what happened to the beer in the bucket?

packseasonopen4.jpg (19382 bytes) packseasonopen9.jpg (20925 bytes)

Kathy surveys the food and adds a Packer touch to the ladies room.

packseasonopen5.jpg (22216 bytes) packseasonopen7.jpg (14548 bytes)

Still smiling.  (Obviously the game hadn't started yet)

packseasonopen6.jpg (26446 bytes)

Todd displays his wares, and chows down.

packseasonopen8.jpg (21413 bytes)

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