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2004 Golf Outing - August 28, 2004

Looks like Kenny's version of a Nascar Race! 04otp1.jpg (80413 bytes)
04otp2.jpg (80468 bytes) Clarke checking to see that he has his backside!
Proudly displaying our new banner! 04otp3.jpg (80142 bytes)
04otp4.jpg (80558 bytes) The beautiful ninth hole.
Kathy and Brenda wondering where it went… 04otp5.jpg (83006 bytes)
04otp6.jpg (90830 bytes) Tom Donahue teeing it up.
Tom Wiseman can’t bear to watch!
FORE LEFT!! LOOKOUT!! 04otp7.jpg (84374 bytes)
04otp8.jpg (96657 bytes) Team Mayor rolls up to the ninth.
Brian chowing down. Nice purse, Mr. Mayor… 04otp9.jpg (74075 bytes)
04otp10.jpg (65465 bytes) Finished just in time…
“Man, Kenny can really put the brats away…” 04otp11.jpg (80927 bytes)
04otp12.jpg (84490 bytes) Food, glorious food!
Great turnout and a great time. 04otp13.jpg (85066 bytes)
04otp14.jpg (87567 bytes) Smiles all around. That’s the great thing about beer…
Clarke christens Tim Klunk a bona fide angel. 04otp15.jpg (87074 bytes)
04otp16.jpg (83678 bytes) Christina eatin’ beans. Glad she’s off tonight!
Lt. Larry ready to give away $90.
Out of 44 possible, just nine hit the
green on the shortest hole on the course.
04otp17.jpg (75837 bytes)
04otp18.jpg (83495 bytes) Dick Murray, winner of the BPB ninth hole contest!

Thanks to all who participated - what great people, what a great day.

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