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Gary Wolter - Pack/Buffalo - 12/22/02

12-22-b.jpg (23816 bytes)
Part of Gary's family outside "The Field".

12-22-c.jpg (27919 bytes)
The game is on!

12-22-d.jpg (37390 bytes)
After the game, players and Coach Sherman circle
the field, high fiving, to congratulate the fans on an undefeated season at home.
12-22-e.jpg (20497 bytes)
Post-game tailgating.

Brian Rigg and Donna Ruscitti

lambridon.JPG (77278 bytes)
Their first trip to Lambeau - 9/9/96 vs.The Beagles

Lt. Larry's contributions - 12/30/01 against the Vikequeens

lamsaint.jpg (112593 bytes)
Me with St. Vincent before the game outside of Krolls! We would see him a number of times!
lamscoreboard.jpg (68199 bytes)
The end of my first game at Lambeau! Notice we were horribly outgained in the rushing department, but it was against the Vikequeens, so it didn't matter. Look above at the score!! That is what counts!!

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