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These shots are from Robert and Lynne Harrington - 9/9/02 against the Cryins'

A shot from our seat in the north end zone just before the team comes out of the tunnel.

This is a very historic picture. This was taken inside the stadium, and is the tunnel that the players "used" to come through. As you know this tunnel in the north end zone has been removed due to the I thought it was pretty neat to have this as a lasting memory.

Leroy and the defense waiting for the offense to be introduced.

Number 4 coming out of the tunnel.

This is MY FAVORITE - on the weekend of the Lions game my wife and I were in the Packer Pro shop on Saturday doing some shopping when I ran into a old friend from high school (Mike Ratusz) I hadn't seen Mike in over 20 years...turns out Mike is a cameraman for Fox Sports and was in town to do the game. He told us roughly where his station would be on game day and so before the game began I got out of my seat, with a "special filed pass" Mike gave me, managed to get real close on the field and take a great picture of Mike.

A shot just before the play began...Brett is changing the play at the line.

From Gary Wolter

Santa keeps both hands busy outside Lambeau.
Pack vs. Oilers - 12/20/98

Our Lt. Larry can't hide his exhuberance when he walks into Lambeau for the first time.
Vs. Vikequeens - 12/30/01

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